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  1. I’m signing up right now!!

    Comment by The_Conservative_Lie — February 27, 2010 @ 3:59 am

  2. [...] following an article on the new organization published in the Washington Post yesterday.  Independent progressive blogger Liberal Arts Dude looked into the group and has written up a post describing the organization and its aims, its [...]

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  3. The movement is groaning is more apt.

    Simply disguising the Left by wrapping them in an American flag will not fool the average American.

    I too checked out the website, and noticed something interesting:

    It is always “yes, we believe in the Constitution, BUT..”

    Or, “We know that people are sick of big govt, BUT…”

    Basically, it is always “but” followed by a push for more big govt, less constitutional structure, more regulation, ect ect.

    This is actually the Obama campaign part deux: “Who me? I didn’t want any of that!”

    Unless disguised by moderate talking points, neo-Marxism will surely fail. Hence the Coffee Party.

    I don’t think they are fooling anyone.

    Comment by DreadPirateRoberts — February 27, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

    • DreadPirate, You have no clue, I was at a Coffee Party meeting today in DC; I’ve been in the military for 21 years, so don’t disparage my patriotism or that of anyone involved in this process. We are the average Americans you think you know so well–varying backgrounds, races/ethnicities, occupations, ages, etc…a cross-section of real America.

      This is stark contrast to the Tea Party followers who by and large share the same demographic, are misinformed puppets of corporate and exteme right wing political machine (who couldn’t care less about me, you, or anyone else, but their own power&influence), do not totally have a grasp of the issues, and use bullying and heated rhetoric to hijack the debate, intead of being level-headed, realistic, and pursue a civil debate. Demonizing placards, patriotic & christian themes, only serve to uncover the ignorance that proliferates the Tea Party. They do not want to work toward real solutions, they want force their convoluted ideals on the majority. Its just doesn’t work that way my friend, for the people by the people–majority rule. Please forgive any typos…

      Real Patriot

      Comment by soldierguardian — February 28, 2010 @ 3:07 am

      • Don’t make me laugh. You wish to “guard” our country via economic destruction? How does that work?

        IF you were in the military, certainly you know that the Left despises your former profession. From throwing feces and urine in the faces of returning soldiers in the Vietnam war, to Code Pink wishing their deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan, to join them is pretty weird. If you wish to be the “odd man out” among Leftist military haters, perhaps you can run for John Kerry’s seat after he retires. Great, go for it.

        As for Tea Party “Puppets”, the Tea Party erupted from a grass roots exclamation of “Stop!” from people all across the USA. We did not have George Soros, Axelrod,, or the DNC to fund this effort. It happened on it’s own. It is simply an exclamation of pro-Americanism over pro-Government. It has nothing to do with hatred, something that the Left simply cannot understand. We love our country, and want it preserved, period.

        That, my friend, is true Patriotism.

        Comment by DreadPirateRoberts — February 28, 2010 @ 1:45 pm

  4. Not fooling anyone? Ha ha, shows what you know dreadpirateroberts. It is really a secret society of the Illuminati type that is planning to take over the world through extremely elaborate schemes that would put Wile E. Coyote to shame. Mwuhahah. For instance, we have this really convoluted idea to convince everyone that man made pollutants are changing the earth’s climate and will adversly affect our civilization. It’s a real stretch and we’ve had to involve NORAD and NASA and multiple world governments as well as private corporations, Hollywood and the bulk of the global scientific community. However, so far we’ve pulled it off. Our biggest challenge is we really can’t figure out how to use the ruse to gain power or profit, but we’re working on it.
    We’ve got this other one about Health Care, but I don’t really have time to go in to it right now.

    Seriously, I don’t think the idea is to “fool” anyone. It is to get like-minded people together to answer the idiocy of the Tea Party Movement. I’m sure the Coffee Party isn’t trying to get your membership.

    Comment by The_Conservative_Lie — February 27, 2010 @ 9:41 pm

  5. A Leftist Tea Party? What next, a Leftist call to protect Israel? Or perhaps a Leftist call for Americans to buy a gun? Or perhaps next they will ask for a balanced budget Amendment? Sure.

    Are you seriously defending Anthropogenic Global Warming? Oh wait, I mean “Global Climate change”… Perhaps you missed the fact that East Anglia and the IPCC fudged their data and then accidentally “lost” it. And that they have now decided to go back to the drawing board, admitting that they were wrong on Himalayan glacier melting, increases in ocean levels, ect.

    If you want to send your money to Al Gore, who owns 2 mansions, each consuming 20 times the electicity monthly than the average home does yearly, and who refuses to fly commercial, as he made $500 million on faux “Carbon credits”, by all means do so. But to ask everyone else to be so foolish is not your right.

    As for the “Coffee Party” I was truly hoping it WAS real, which is why I looked into it. Unfortunately, it seems sadly to be a sad attempt at mimicry. There is only one Tea Party movement.

    Comment by DreadPirateRoberts — February 28, 2010 @ 2:07 am

    • DreadPirate

      You argue the “Left” equals unpatriotic and is against the Constitution. You make it seem that the Right — as represented by the Republican Party, conservative politicians and lobbying groups, think tanks and yes, the Tea Party Movement, are patriotic and for the Constitution.

      Is that a correct estimation of your views? I think you’re very wrong.

      Being patriotic and being for the values in the Constitution isn’t the exclusive territory of one ideology or one political movement. I was at the Coffee Party meeting in DC as well and it was attended by people who cared deeply about and who loved their country. They see the coarsening of political discourse (in large part driven by bullying and extreme tactics and rhetoric by many in the Tea Party movement) as a problem.

      The Coffee Party isn’t just an anti-Tea Party group. It is also a massive experiment in civic renewal. To get ordinary people involved and active in the political process and to practice small “d” democracy. Not just as spectators but also as voters, activists, concerned citizens — no matter their ideology.

      So yeah, the membership of the Coffee party may lean left — but as an independent I don’t care about that. What I care about is what they are doing to renew the spirit of small “d” democracy and civic participation. There’s plenty of opportunities for me as an independent and as a advocate for non-mainstream political views and activism to engage with members of the Coffee Party.

      The important thing is THE PROCESS — small “d” participatory democracy in action. That’s what the Coffee Party is all about beyond ideology.

      Comment by Liberal Arts Dude — February 28, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

  6. Oh really, Liberal Arts?

    You think this is a “home grown” movement?

    Here are some details on Annabel Park:

    Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Current•Producer/Co-director at 9500 Liberty
    Past National Coordinator at 121 Coalition
    Strategy Analyst at The New York Times
    •Boston University
    •University of Oxford
    Connections 103 connections IndustryMedia Production

    Annabel is a Leftist movie producer out of Washington, DC. How strange, no?

    As for Patriotism, I cannot judge all people at all times. But for the most part, the Left is not Patriotic. We know that Social Security and Medicare are going broke. The Obama Admin is spending money at rates unheard of (He has spent more in 1 year than Bush did in 8). We are heading for a financial iceberg that will sink the country, and to support said actions will leave our children paupers. Is that Patriotic? I don’t think so.

    It seems so completely comical, if it were not so serious, that the Far Left’s “vision” of America is one of poverty. We see attempts at Socialism in the world and the destruction in it’s wake. Look at Venezuela, Greece, Spain, Portugal.

    “Civic renewal”? Is breaking the budget something that will renew us?

    The Tea Party is not hard to figure out. It is a huge group across America who wants the spending to end. We want our children to live in the country we knew. We believe in Capitalism, not Government. We believe in the individual, not the Politician. We don’t trust the Republicans much more than we trust the Democrats. We simply wish to eject those that would harm our country.

    The “Coffee Party”? It is simply a well-funded tool to get people to fall asleep while our politicians turn on the gas and wait for the inevitable end.

    Comment by DreadPirateRoberts — February 28, 2010 @ 1:34 pm

    • DreadPirate

      I know all about Annabel Park and her filmmaking and political connections. You know what? I don’t care and I see nothing wrong with her having political convictions, connections and past political activity. In fact, I welcome how open she is about what perspective she is coming from and what she has done in the past concerning politics.

      I see nothing wrong with ordinary people getting active and participating in democracy. That’s what the Coffee Party is trying to do and what they are all about.

      They haven’t even published a platform yet and you are already all up in arms and labeling them as some sort of far left-wing conspiracy to bankrupt the nation. I say let’s have democracy, a civil, substantive and rational debate about issues and check the name-calling, conspiracy theories, and ideological rigidity at the door.

      My impression of the Coffee Party after having met the people involved in it, talked to them in detail, and attended a meeting and surfed the Internet for info about them is that they sincerely care about the democratic process and inclusion of ordinary people in politics. And that is to be done by ordinary people getting off their duffs and getting involved. In fact, I see the process as paramount to them much more than ideology of the participants. They will probably welcome people with your viewpoints into one of their meetings — provided you play by the rules of civil discourse and rational, calm thoughtful debate.

      I am an independent. Have been since I first registered as a voter. The Coffee Party is a political movement that I see independents as potentially having a major platform to play a significant role. That is, provided they actually get out there and participate and be part of the process.

      Comment by Liberal Arts Dude — February 28, 2010 @ 2:46 pm

      • Hahaha Ok. I remember a time when every commentator in the mass media was squealing about “astroturfing”, saying it minimized the whole movement. Now you have a Leftist moviemaker (hack?) who overnight starts her own “movement” and you take it seriously? It seems all too convenient.

        I agree with you on Democracy. But the fact is that people are already so sick of the Leftist agenda, and it has only been 1 year. It irritated me to no end that faux Republican RINOs were spending huge amounts of money and that Bush would not veto ANYTHING. This is also part of the Tea party movement. We don’t trust either party all that much.

        But what is the laughable “Coffee Party” movement? It is about passing healthcare at the cost of our country, it is a “Trust them” movement likely funded by the same people who made Nothing else seems important in this lemming-like bolt to the Left and off the cliff.

        You may call yourself “Independent” and that is fine. But the fact you so easily dismiss Annabel’s Leftist credo makes me think you call youself that because even the Dems are not Left enough for you. Perhaps I am wrong, and if so, then excuse me. It just amazes me how easily big money players such as George Soros play the system by putting these people up overnight. Soros then gets his paid lackeys in and expects his payback. This is the payback I think, and it is called the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid triad. No, it is not a conspiracy theory, it is for all to see.

        There was a time when being “Liberal” meant to distrust your govt–what happened? Or did the indoctrination machine so completely change the definition over time as to make it equal to “Marxist”?

        Comment by DreadPirateRoberts — February 28, 2010 @ 4:43 pm

    • Hi Dread,

      Looks like you’re pretty good at Googlin’ and grabbing the LinkedIn profiles. Since you’re also good at throwing around accusations about one’s political leanings based on such indepth research, can you post a link to yours so that we can see your background? You claim that you “don’t trust the Republicans much more than we trust the Democrats.”

      I look forward to seeing the full transparency of the Tea Party in action here.

      Comment by PolandSpring — March 1, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

      • Ok, here are the details:

        I am an American citizen with all the Constitution rights that that title holds.

        Sorry it might seems so boring, but I am neither a Right wing protege’ of Carl Rove, or a Right Wing film maker.

        And, my friend, that is the point. The Tea Party is about normal people expressing their beliefs. I hold those values for you as well, but truth be known, your side owns the media. Without a very big noise we would not be noticed at all.

        Annabel Park, on the other hand, is in the New York Times. Check it out. How long did that take? A week?

        Comment by DreadPirateRoberts — March 2, 2010 @ 3:27 pm

  7. OK DreadPirate

    There’s no way I will convince you I see that. You’ve already got your mind made up about the Coffee Party, liberals in general, the Left and people who subscribe to views other than your own.

    Full disclosure: I AM pretty Left in my political orientation philosophically — you’ll see that in reading past posts in this blog. I make no secret of it. But my thinking is at the end of the day whoever is in charge, Left, Right, Center, etc. the trains still have to keep running on time. I am an independent because I don’t see either major party — Republicans and Democrats — as keeping the train running or even interested in doing so for the interests of ordinary people.

    In fact I see our train of a political process as being derailed. I sense that you and many Tea Partiers see it the same way as well. That’s common ground between us although we diverge in our political views. So I’m gonna leave it at that and agree to disagree.

    In terms of the vehicle to get the train back on track I am willing to give the Coffee Party a chance. I’ve been an observer of and participant in political activism for years. Calm, rational and productive discussions on political issues and public policy based on facts instead of name-calling and making who you disagree with as some sort of monster or boogeyman — I like that approach and I sense a lot of other folks will do so as well.

    Comment by Liberal Arts Dude — February 28, 2010 @ 6:41 pm

    • Listen Liberal Arts, personally I do not hate you–I disagree with you.

      I debate you because I think debate is a good thing. You can hold whatever view you wish. I would be wrong to believe anything else. I just disagree with you on the motives of the Coffee Party. I just don’t see how latching onto yet another “Yes we can” movement which has the same depth and flavor as a twinkie.

      Truly, you do write very well. I hope that you simply take my words for what they are, neither personal or to demean your ideas.

      Consider this a debate between Americans.

      Take care!

      Comment by DreadPirateRoberts — March 2, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

      • DreadPirate

        Fair enough. No one here is saying anything about hating anybody — disagreement is fine. As long as it is done in the context of civil, respectful dialogue it is fine. Citizen to citizen, American to American — disagreement is OK. And as we are demonstrating now, a civilized and calm disagreement is feasible among people whose viewpoints diverge.

        You can think whatever you want about the Coffee Party. I know you want to dissuade people like me from being too excited about it.

        My thinking is anything that gets regular, ordinary people involved and excited about participating in politics — off their duffs, discussing issues with substance, communicating with one another about issues and taking the steps to be active participants in a democracy instead of just mere spectators — is good in my book.

        Comment by Liberal Arts Dude — March 3, 2010 @ 3:10 am

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